Sleeping with black and white spots

I've not ever been one for "polka dots" really, but THREE things that are making me reconsider:

#1 "Spots" are different than "Polka Dots," do you see where I'm going here? Spots are variable, they're unpredictable. Polka dots are bad 80's hair bows and pajama sets...let's agree to nix that terminology, OK?

#2 Black and white is CHIC. Period. It's understated and modern...or's everything. 

#3 Sheets, general bedding, pillows, and curtains are the perfect place to proudly display your spots. Save your spots for your bedroom! 

Sleeping with black and white spots is a good idea. Whichever way you slice it, spots are whimsical and fun. They mix well with more serious patterns or solids. And mixing patterns is pretty much always a YES in my book, but especially when spots are involved. Patterns help to bring sophistication to the spots, and the spots add a bit of fun to's a WIN WIN situation.  

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