French Empire Chandelier

As we schlep around from house to house, in dire search of the one we will finally call our own, I can't help but notice how terrible some {MOST...err...ALL??} of the lighting in these homes is.

To me, lighting should be like the most fantastic, statement-making jewelry for each and every room. The crowning achievement, the finishing touch. And because I'm just crazy enough, I've already purchased my first little gem for our new home {that has yet to formally exist- wait, when I say it like that, it does sound a bit crazy, no??}. 

It's this little {not so little} vintage French beauty...sorry for the terrible CL photo...

As you can see, she's had a semi-unfortunate shabby chic makeover with a heavy-handed cream paint, but I see UBER potential here! You see, the French Empire chandelier has so much history and is the perfect accent for a turn of the century home, like the one we're hoping for. This style of chandelier has been around since Medieval France, were chandeliers were constructed of iron and held candles for lighting. Louis XIV brought these beauties back into vogue into the 17th Century, and we know he had great taste! Stateside, think about the French Quarter in New Orleans- beauties like this can be found in nearly every interior! 

I picture mine over the dining room table...maybe like this...

But it could work anywhere really, and plays nice with many different types of lighting {OF COURSE you know I'll have a healthy dose of MCM mixed in!}

I'm thinking about restoring the original brassy finish, or I could paint the metal a fun color- for some reason I'm getting stuck on kelly green- and finish it off with funky shades like these...

{For a similar look, check out Shades of Light or Stray Dog Designs}

I'll just keep on dreaming for now, but I'm off to a good start I think! I'd love to see...have you installed vintage lighting in your interior projects? xx