A Petite Chinoiserie Fete

When I'm sourcing inventory for my shops, I always try to keep a couple of things in mind... 

#1: Would I cherish this piece if it were to live in my own home? 

In order for me to be motivated and thrilled to go to work every day, I need to feel inspired by my surroundings. If I don't love it, I'm probably not going to buy it- even if I think I could make a little money on it.  

#2: Is there an occasion for this piece to be the star of the show? 

As you might imagine, I fall pretty hard for a lot of the pieces I see on a daily basis. Vintage is just so inspiring! However, if I can't think of a compelling occasion for which to use or enjoy said piece, then I'm probably not going to pick it up. I think this is where design can go really wrong REALLY quickly. 


Since I've been at it for over 3 years now, I believe I can pretty much predict which pieces are going to be snatched up quickly, and which pieces might take a bit longer to find their forever home. However, there are always those items that seem to unexpectidely linger around and it's still incredibly BAFFLING to me! 

One of these pieces of late has been THIS Chinoiserie-Style faux-bamboo flatware set...

This is a 50 piece set {which is more than enough for a full 12 person place setting!} and is the perfect table-making finishing touch for a lovely Chinoiserie fete! I'm picturing a luncheon like the one featured in the book Flair, by Joe Nye...

Amazing, right??

Now go out, buy it, and throw yourself your own petite Chinoiserie fete PLEASE!

Available @HERE {but hopefully not for long}! 

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