Letting Go Of Perfection

This sentiment is so necessary for me this Monday morning. My whole life, I've been striving for this unrealistic ideal in everything I touch. I'm officially taking a stand against the idea of "perfection" today. 

Who cares anyway?

Over the weekend I picked up a {gorgeous} antique English Sheraton Style China cabinet for my dining room for the craziest affordable price ever. I think it's from the late 20's/ early 30's and is just a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The lady explained to me that she's "redecorating" and since this piece "wasn't perfect" she wanted to get rid of it and start afresh. Seriously, besides a few scratches on the baseboard, it was in almost pristine condition, especially considering it's nearly 100 years old. I told her "that's OK, nothing's perfect in my house anyway."

I thought about it after I said it {nothing is perfect in my house} and for the first time, I was truly ok with it. I have a dog that sheds all over the carpet, I've got upholstered chairs with piping pulling off, I've got awkward sized rugs pieced together in every room, and mismatched lighting from all different periods all over the house. i let dust collect everywhere, I throw my clothes all over my dressing room, and I have a few kitchen cabinets that are a disaster {thank god I didn't go with glass paned doors}! 

It's. not. perfect. I'm. not. perfect. 

But's it's ok, because nothing really is. I've decided I'd rather be really good at being imperfect than inevitably terrible at being perfect anyway. 

Here's to hoping you'll let go of perfection this week too! xx