Vintage Charms

I'm an avid vintage jewelry lover. I can't tell you the last time I bought a piece that wasn't vintage that I grew to truly love. Just to name a few; I've loved an antique Sardinian engagement ring I purchased when I was in a mountain village in Italy, I wore a silver embellished brooch from the 1940's in my hair on my wedding day, and at any given time I've got on a collection of my mother's gold bangles from the 1970's jangling on my wrist.  

I'll share more snippets from my collection with you some other time, but for now I'll tell you the reason I love vintage jewelry so much is to carry on the story of other women from other places and other times. I'm pretty sure that a piece of every woman who has worn that treasured necklace or bracelet is still there with it. I love that these pieces transcent life itself and I love that a piece of me carries on through every piece I've loved.

Charm bracelets are particularly special. Check this beautiful necklace out...

 It reminds me very much of Jackie Kennedy Onasis' charm bracelet that was auctioned off for charity in 1996...

Can you imagine the stories and memories these pieces must have to tell??

I hope I have a daughter someday to share all of the pieces I've collected over the years with, but if not, I know they will be loved by someone like me xx

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