Traditional Modern Mixed Sculpture & Bust

A look I'm seeing a lot of recently has been this mix of traditional and modern. Whether it be traditional materials {like marble and other natural stones} used in more modern ways, a traditional sculptural bust accessorized in a modern vignette, or modern lighting mix in not so modern settings.

I'm for one loving it, you know how I always flock towards a good mix! You might have noticed, I found my own little bit of traditional modernism in this bust lamp I picked up on Ebay...

He's made of ceramic, not a more traditional alabaster, but the coolest part is the chunky lucite base! He glows at night in the most creepy fantastic way!

You also might notice my bowl of sculptural marble balls I picked up at an Antique store for a song. Love them so hard. I've found that mixing in a touch of marble or a piece of modern sculpture or bust can work wonderf for a non-traditional space. Makes everything feel a little more sophisticated you know. But it's important to remember, sophisticated doesn't mean stuffy, everything in moderation!

If you're loving the's a bit more inspiration for you...