Today is the last day of my 20s...so, when I wake up tomorrow, I'll be a regular old thirty something.

I am not anxious. I am not traumatized....but I wouldn't say I'm super thrilled about it either. 

I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel any older. This year, I do feel older.

I don't really feel wiser, but I think I feel a little more capable. And proud, I'm proud of myself.    

I've achieved a lot over the past decade and I've also lived a lot too.

I managed to obtain both a bachelor's and masters degree, I've traveled the world and lived in five different cities and visited way too many others to count. I met my husband and fell in love. I've worked for some amazing companies...and then I started my own...and then I helped my husband start his own too. I've grown up to be a kind, thoughtful person who continues to hope and dream bigger every day. I became a mom to two amazing four-legged creatures and perhaps this is the year I become a mother to a human...someone I can spend the rest of my life watching grow up as I grow old : ) 

I'd like to enter my thirties remembering to love, believe, do and mostly live each day. I'd like to feel light, laugh a lot, and smile for myself just as much as I like to smile for others. I'd also like to remember that anything is possible...and with hard work, success may be probable, but if I stay true, happiness is inevitable. And who could ever ask for anything else in life?   

I want to thank you all for reading along for all these years too- you're the coolest. 

Bring it 30. I'm ready.