Happy Clutter

A couple of nights ago we met some friends at a restaurant in our neighborhood and afterwards we made our way back to our house for a nightcap. It was the first visit for them to our home, and it was so fun to see them discover each room and point out their favorite things. Sharing my home is absolutely the best part about owning it!

Later on, one of our friends was telling us about her roommate, who is a professional organizer. Their apartment is minimally white, clinically clean, and sterile in a very zen way.

She was mesmerized by all of the happy clutter and collections all over my home, most likely because her current living situation is anything but that. We talked about the pros to living without clutter. I must say, it's sort of intriguing to me. However, every time I get on a minimalist kick, I always come back to the clutter.

Happy clutter is the best kind of life complication in my opinion. Even though I know it needs to be dusted and organized regularly, it brings me up when I see how the little ecosystem in my home has come together.

Are you a lover of clutter? Here's some looks that are inspiring me today...