Sorry to leave you all hanging since our trip to Tulum...oh, and what a trip it was! Rustic, Simple, Beautiful. I would recommend Tulum to anyone who is aiming to recharge and refocus. And it doesn't hurt that the food is to die for, the people are warm and welcoming and there's some serious eye candy to be seen everywhere you look. 

I packed a small carry on bag with only two pairs of shoes, a few shirts, dresses, one pair of shorts and pants, and one sweather to wear at night. I think my biggest splurge was packing three bikini's...but we did spend 95% of our time on the, you know.

Because I only brought a few key pieces, I needed my vacation wardrobe to really work for me. I stuck to a palette of whites and neutrals with one colorful scarf to take me from the beach on into the nighttime. I can't tell you how refreshing it was to dress like this and ever since I've been back home, I've sort of been adopting the look in my everyday life too...

There's something that's timelessly cool and polished about simplicity. Not to mention, it's a no-brainer investment and allows you to showcase key pieces like an amazing shoe or piece of jewelry {which are always the pieces that I get most excited about wearing anyway}.

I guess the same rule applies to room decorating too. If you want to make a timelessly cool choice, be simple. Whether you love color or love the absence of it, simplicity is key, no?