This afternoon, after logging in a few hours at the office, I took my hubs to one of my favorite furniture consignment haunts here in Richmond. It's a huge 20k+ sq.ft. space loaded with all kinds of great finds. We brought a few things home for the shops, but the best part about the trip was stumbling upon the "online auction preview" room.

Come to find out, in addition to their consignment business, they also run online only estate sales. You can preview the items before purchase (just like any auction house), but you can only bid online. it's kind of like ebay, but it feels so much more personal because you can actually see and touch everything ahead of time. 

We happened to wander in during the last few hours of the preview and fell in love with some beauties. We went home right away and bid a few dollars {yes, a few dollars- that's all!} and we won a great industrial pendant and Midcentury leather chair from Denmark...

I'm seriously almost embarrassed to admit how excited I was about the whole thing. Sitting there, refreshing my computer screne every 10 seconds, daring my imagined opponent to bid against me.

Even though I obviously love to thrift, I've never thought of myself as much of an ebay or online auction type. But for sure, now I'm singing a new tune. I've been trolling around a few other auction sites this evening and adding things to my "watch lists." I feel a full-on addiction/obsession developing here!!

Are you a fan of online auctions? Any tips of the trade or sites worth noting? Do share!