Over at my house...

Today on @Instagram I posted this snap of our xmas tree.

Fun fact: even though this is the seventh Christmas I've spent with my husband, this is our first real tree we've ever decorated together and are able to call our own. We're traveling to Seattle for the Holiday this year to be with family, so it was sort of a last minute decision to get a tree, but I couldn't be happier about it. It literally lights up one of my favorite little corners. 

Speaking of this corner...a few weeks ago I shared this snap I took for an upcoming feature on Chairish...

It's the other half of the corner. You might notice two things I haven't shared with you yet. #1: our rad new overscaled photography in an acrylic frame. It's the best thing this room has going for it right now. It's 4' high x 8' long. That's feet I'm talking here people- it's massive! Every other piece of art I tried in here just felt dwarfed- we have 10'+ ceilings and a big open floor plan that connects this room to our dining room.

I wanted to feel relaxed in here, and for me, there's no more relaxing a place on earth than Palm Springs. My hubby and I found this vintage photo online and he sized it for me to print onto three engineer prints which we picked up from Kinkos. They were under $7 each, so the entire piece of 4' x 8' art cost about $20. We mounted the prints on a thin piece of plywood and hubby built a frame an inch or two inside from the edges and mounted it on the wall. We found a 4' x 8' piece of acrylic from a plastics company here in Richmond for about $50 and we drilled holes through it and the board so both pieces could mount on the frame. Simple. A piece of art this size for under $100 and a few hours of time...I'd say completely worth it!

The #2 awesome thing here is my parsons chairs. I've had these chairs for years...I first wrote about them in 2011 @here. They've needed to be recovered for some time, but I've always been dragging my feet until I could afford the perfect fabric...which for me was always and has always been David Hicks' La Fiorentina. A few months ago, I happened upon an entire bolt of it for $9 a yard, so I snatched it. I just brought these chairs back from the upholsterer a few weeks ago and they've dramatically improved the coolness factor in the house for sure. 

I hope the holiday season is treating you well so far!